Wednesday 8 July 2020

E-Shopping Website in ASP.NET C#, Bootstrap,MS SQL Server

Hi if you want to create ASP.NET Website How to develop E-Commerce/Shopping website in ASP.NET using C# & MS SQL Server Database. create shopping website step by step form scratch in

E-Shopping Website in ASP.NET C#, Bootstrap,MS SQL Server
e shopping website

Project Name

E Shopping Website C#,ASP.NET and SQL Server

 Project Type

Final Year Major /Mini Project

Database Used

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2


Technology Used in the Project:

6-MS SQL Server Database
7-Visual Studio 2015

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The list of forms included in this video/Project with Source code (C#)

1-Default page or Home page
4-AdminMaster page

Watch E-Shopping Website Tutorial Part-1:

Web page created in this video (Part-1)

  • 1- Setup,Create New Project, Header,Menu
  • 2- image slider
  • 3-footer
  • 4-Sign Up Form
  • 5-Sign Up coding(Dynamic code in C# validation/save to SQL Server Database)
  • 6- Sign In Form
  • 7-Login/Remember me password
  • 8- create Master Page

    Download Complete Project Free: Download 

    Download Complete Project + Support :   Download

Download E Shopping Website Source code Part-1: CLICK HERE

Download E Shopping Database SQL Query : CLICK HERE

Watch E Shopping Website Tutorial Part-2:

Web Pages Created in This Video (Part-2)

  • Multi-user Login
  • Forgot Password Design
  • Generating Recovery Link
  • Email send
  • Forgot password & Reset Link

Download E Shopping Website Source code Part-1: CLICK HERE

Watch E Shopping Website Tutorial Part-3:

Web Pages Created in this Videos (Part-3) are...

  • Add Product
  • DB tables
  • Add Brand Page & code c#
  • Category
  • Sub-category
  • Gender page
  • Sizes Page
  • Display All Record of Brand,Category ,Subcategory ,gender,size

Download E Shopping Website Source code Part-3: CLICK HERE

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Watch E Shopping Website Tutorial Part-4:

  • Bind all DropDownList (Brand,category,subcategory,gender,size)
  • Add product C# Code
  • insert record for quantity
  • Insert and upload images
  • View all Products
  • Display all product in Repeater control

Download E-Shopping Website Source code Part-4: CLICK HERE

Watch E Shopping Website Tutorial Part-5:

Download E-Shopping Website Source Code Part-5: CLICK HERE

Watch E Shopping Website Tutorial Part-6:

How to show product image slider and price, size and all product details

Download E-Shopping Website Source Code Part-6: CLICK HERE

Watch E-Shopping Website Part-7 :

Learn how to create "ADD TO CART" Button:

Download Source code : CLICK HERE

Watch Tutorial Part 8 for creating how to show cart items:

Download Source code: Click Here

Download Part 9 Source code: DOWNLOAD

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