Thursday 22 June 2017

Define Algorithm and flow chart. Discuss each symbol used in flow chart.


 The terms algorithm is used to refer the logic of a program. 

"It is step by step description of how to arrive at the solution of given problem."

 It may be defined as sequence of instructions designed in a manner that if the instructions are executed in the specified sequence than the desired results will be obtain.

Step to be followed to write an algorithm:

2. Identify the Input and Output variable 
3. Input the values of input variable
4. Calculate the output according to the problem.
5. Output the result


Write an algorithm to add two numbers.

i.                     START
ii.                   Let the input variables be A & B and Output be C
iii.                  Input the input value of A & B
iv.                 C=A+B
v.                   Output the value of C
vi.                 STOP

Flow chart:  

It is pictorial representation of an algorithm,
It uses boxes of different shapes to denote different type of  instructions these boxes are connected by solid lines having arrows marks to indicate the flow of operation.

Symbol o flow chart:


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