Wednesday 19 July 2017

what is Database Management System?

 What is Database Management System?  


    "Collection of quantitative and qualitative variables is known as data".

Type of Data:

  1. Raw Data

  1. Processed data(Information)
 What is DBMS?                                          

DBMS consist of two parts
  1. Data base
  2. Management System
Database is a collection of interrelated files and the basic management operations are
  • Searching
  • Addition
  • Deletion
  • Updation
A DBMS consist of collection of related data and a set of programs to access and manipulate those data.

"The database management system is a general purpose software system that facilitates the process of defining, constructing, manipulating and sharing database among, various user and application".

database management system
DBMS system

the primary objective of DBMS is to provides an environment that is convenient and efficient to use in retrieving and storing data in database. The DBMS should use minimum set of computing resources to provides maximum throughout.

 Basic terminology of DBMS   


"fields are in the form of rows".


"Data organized in meaningful way to known as Records".


"Collection of similar records is known as file".


"collection of interrelated files is called database".

following are basic facilities provided by DBMS.

  • creation, insertion, deletion, modification and retrieval.
  • protecting of data and maintaining integrity.
  • report generation
  • mathematical operation

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