Sunday 15 April 2018


A computer can do any thing on its own it must be instruction to do a desire job, hence its necessary to specify a sequence of instruction which a computer system must perform to solve a problem . such a sequence of instruction written in a particular language which can be understand by a computer is called the computer program.
It is a program which controls the activity of processing.
The computer software refers to the computer program, processor and associated document which describe the programs. That how they are to be used.

Type of software:

1-system software:

System software is a set of one or more programs design to control the operations and processing capability of computer system. System software perform following operation.
I.                    Its support the development of application software.
II.                  Support the execution of application software.
III.                Monitors the effective use of various hardware resources like- CPU, Memory, & other devices.
IV.                Communicate with and control the operation of other peripheral devices.

e.g- different type of OS , windows & unix.

2-Application Software:
Application software is a set of one or more programs design to solve a specific problem. The program included in application software packed or called application program.
Database software, graphics software, MS office, and educational software.

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