Thursday 3 May 2018

Event in

Event in

Occurrence of something is known as an event.
When event occur of any object state of that object has changed.
On the occurrence of event we can perform different task. In an website clicking a button, loading page, selecting item from combo box etc. are example of event.
In a website some events are handle on client side & some events are handle on server side.
Those method that are executed to handle  the event are known as event handler. These method will be defined by web developer. These event handler method will be executed when server will get request form the client .

Parameters in the Event handler method:

Every Event handler method accepts following two value from the caller.
1-Object Sender:
2-Event Args e:

Object Sender:

This parameter accept information about the event source (such as button,combobox,page etc).

EventArgs e:

This parameter accept information about the event.

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