Friday 4 May 2018

Executing a select query in

Executing a select query in

Following method of command object should be called to execute sql select query.
Public SqlDataReader ExecuteReader()


After executing select query it store record (returned by database server) into object of sqldatareader class and returns reference of this object.
SqlDataReader  dr= cmd.ExecuteReader();

ResultSet object:

This object that stores select query result is called resultset object.
In object of sqldatareader class is known as resultset object.

Resultset object:

Result set object maintain a cursor which is initially positioned just before the first record in order to access value of any row from the result set we need to place cursor a that record. Following method of result set object should be called to change cursor position.
Public bool read()
It moves cursor one position forward . If no record is found at that position then it return false otherwise it return true.

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