Friday 13 March 2020

How to write different Type of Login Button Code in ASP.NET

Login Button code in Type-1 

Hello Everyone, i will demonstrates how to write login button code in web application using C# and SQL SERVER Database.

coderbaba login page
Login Page

Open Visual Studio and Create a new web project using C#.  

Add a web form and create login page design.

create a database and 2 table
write following query in SQL Server

create database CBDB
user CBDB

create table Roles
  RoleId  int primary key identity(1,1),
  Description  nvarchar(50),
  Notes        nvarchar(50),
  CreatedBy    nvarchar(50),
  CreatedDate  datetime

create table tblUser
  UserName  nvarchar(50),
  Password  nvarchar(50),
  RoleId  int ,
  CreatedBy    nvarchar(50),
  CreatedDate  datetime

Step 4:

write following C# code for login button code type-1

 Download source code 

for more understanding this topic you can watch my online tutorial video on my channel 

2- Login Button code Type 2:


you can change your login code as follow...

Download source code 

How to create Master page in

  follow my video

     Download Source code

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