Tuesday 28 April 2020

Offline Examination System in VB.NET project with SQL Server Database

How to Create Offline Examination System Software Project in VB.NET. Using MS Visual Studio (Window Application , SQL SERVER ).Best Offline Examination Project in VB.NET (SQL SERVER Window Application)2020.

BCA Final Year Project Offline Examination System in VB.NET with SQL Server Database.

Offline Examination System Dashboard

About the Project & Prerequisites:

  •  Design & Develop a complete Dynamic Window Application Project in VB.NET
  • -Understand the concept of Designing Window form
  • -DB connectivity with 

Tech used:

  • Visual Basic 
  • MS SQL Server


Basic Knowledge of visual studio, with sql server database

Part-1 Tutorial:

Part-2 Tutorial:

Part-3 Tutorial:

Part-4 Tutorial:

  Part-5 Tutorial:

  Part-6 Tutorial:

Part-7 Tutorial:

Part-8 Tutorial:

Part-9 Tutorial:

Part-10 Tutorial:

Save Student Image in Folder & image path in sql server DataBase.

Download the source code from the link given below.

 Download Source code CLICK Here



Part-13 : Change Exam Password:

Part-14 Show Student Profile

Download Source code : Part 1 to 14 



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