Sunday 15 April 2018

Components of Computer System:

Components of Computer System:

The computer system consists of the three main components.
1.       Input/output unit
2.       CPU
3.       Memory unit

1.       Input/ output Unit:

 This unit consists of input & output operation the user interacts with the computer via the input output unit. The input is accept the data from the user. And the output unit provides the processed data that is the information to the user. Input unit convert the data be accept from the user into a form that is understandable by the computer, similarly the output unit provide the output in from that is understandable by the user.

2.       CPU (Central Processing Unit):

CPU control coordinates and supervises the operation of computer system. Its responsible for processing of the input data.
Ø  CPU consist of Arithmetic logic Unit (ALU) and Control Unit (CU).
Ø  ALU perform all the arithmetic and logic operations on the input data.
Ø  CU control the overall operation of the computer that is ,it checks the sequence of execution of instruction and control the overall functionality of computer systems.
Ø  CPU also has a set of registers for temporary storage of data, instruction, address and intermediate result of calculation.

3.Memory Unit

Memory unit store a data instruction intermediate result and output temporarily during the processing on data. This memory is also called main memory or primary memory. Another kind of storage which is used for permanent storage is called secondary memory.

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