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What is Application /Area of Uses of Computer

Application of computer:

Following list demonstrates the various application of computers in today’s arena.

11.       Business:

The compter’s characteristics as high speed of calculation, diligence, accuracy, reliability or Versatility has made it an integrated part in all business organizations.
Computer used in business organizations for.
·         Payroll Calculation
·         Budgeting
·         Sales analysis
·         Financial forecasting
·         Managing employees database
·         Maintenance of stocks

   2.       Banking:

Today banking is almost totally dependent on computer. Banks provide following facilities.
i.                     Banks online accounting facility, which include current balances, deposits, our drafts, interest charges, share and trustee records.
ii.                   ATM machines are making it even easier for customers to deal with banks.

   3.       Insurance:

Insurance companies are keeping all records upto date with the help of computer. The insurance companies finance houses and stock broking firms are widely using computers for their concerns. Insurance companies are maintaining a database of all clients with information showing.
i.                    How to continue with polices
ii.                  Starting date of the polices
iii.                Next due installment of a policy
iv.                 Maturity date
v.                   Interest due
vi.                 Survival benefits
vii.               Bonus

   4.       Education:

The computer has provided a lot of facilities in the education system is known as CBE (Computer Based Education).
i.                     CBE involve control, delivery and evaluation of learing.
ii.                   The following computer education is very familiar and rapidly increasing the graph of computer students.
iii.                  There are number of methods in which educational institutions can use computer to educate the students.
iv.                 Its used for prepare a database about student performance and analysis are carried out.
v.                   The users of computer provide a tool in the education system is known as CBE.

   5.       Marketing:

In the marketing uses of computers are following.
·         ADERTISING:  with computer, advertising professionals create art and graphics, write and revise copy and print and disseminate ads with the goal of selling more products.
·         AT HOME SHOPPING: A home shopping has been made possible through use of computerized catalogues that provide access to product information and permit direct entry of orders to be filled by the customers.

    6.       Health Care:

Computer have become important part in all medical system.
The computers are being used in hospitals to keep the record of patients and medicines. It it also used in scanning and diagnosing different diseases, ECG, EFG, Ultra sounds and scans etc. are also done by computerized machines.
i.                     Diagnostic System:  computer are used to collect data and identify cause of illness.
ii.                   Lab Diagnostic System: all tests can be done and reports are prepared by computer
iii.                  Patient Monitoring System: These are used to check patients signs for abnormality such as in cardiac arrest, ECG etc.
iv.                 Pharma Information System:  computer checks drug lables expiry dates harmful drug side effects etc.
v.                   Now days computers are also used in performing surgery.

    7.       Engineering Design:

 Computer are widely used in engineering purpose. One of major areas is CAD (Computer Added Design). CAD provide creation, edition, and modification of image. Some fields are:

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