Sunday 15 April 2018

what is Characteristics of Computer?

what is Characteristics of Computer?

There are following characteristics.

   1.       Speed:

The computer can process data very fast at the rate of millions of instruction per second. Some calculation that would have taken along time to complete can be completed in a few second using a computer system.
e.g- calculation and generation of salary list of thousand of employee of an organization and weather forecasting. That require large amount of data. Can be completed in few minutes .

  2.       Accuracy:

Computer provide a high degree of accuracy and can give the accurate result of division of two number upto 10 decimal base.

  3.     Storage Capability:

Large volume of data and information can be store in the computer and also retrieved whenever require. A limited amount of data can we store temporarily in the primary storage and secondary storage device, can store large amount of data permanently

   4.       Versatile:

Computer is versatile in nature. It can perform different type of task with the same speed at one moment you can used the computer to prepare a teller a document and in the next moment you may play music or print a document.
“performing several task at the same time with the same speed and accuracy is called versatile in nature of computer.”

   5.       Diligence:

When computer used for longer period of time the computer does not get tired it can perform long and complex calculation with the same speed and accuracy from the start till the end is called diligence.

   6.       Automation:

No human intervention is required, once the instructions and data are given, the CPU follows these instructions until it meets the last instruction which says stop program execution.

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