Sunday 15 April 2018

What is Computer ? Explain

What is Computer:

Computer an electronic device that accept data ass input, processes the input data by performing mathematical & logical operation on it, and give the desire output.

Computer system is consist of four parts.

1.       Hardware
2.       Software
3.       Data
4.       User

11.       Hardware:

Hardware consist of mechanical  part that make computer as a machine. Hardware consist of physical devices of computer. These devices are required for input, output, storage and processing of data.
e.g- keyboard, monitor, Hard disk, printer , motherboard etc.

22.       Software:

Software is a set of instruction that tells the computer about the task to be perform and how these task are to be perform.
“Program is a set of instruction written in a particular language understood by the computer to perform a specific task”.

33.       Data:

Raw facts and figures .data are isolated value or raw facts which than self have no much significant. It’s a collection of qualitative and quantitative variables.
The data is provided as input to the computer which is process to generate some meaningful information.
e.g- the data 15 jan 2001 just represent a value. When its processed by the computer to give the data of birth of a person then its called information.

  4.  User:

      Users are the people who write the computer program or interact with the computer system.
e.g- data entry operator, system analyst and computer Hardware engineer.

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