Sunday 20 May 2018

Multiprocessor scheduling algorithm

Multiprocessor scheduling algorithm:

¡To implement scheduling algorithm in multiprocessor environment (more than one processor in a system) another techniques and tools are used as below.

Load Sharing/Balancing
Gang Process Algorithm
Dedicated Process Algorithm
* Dynamic Scheduling

Load sharing / balancing :

¡In this algorithm a global queue is shared among all the processor in the system.

Gang scheduling:

¡Similar type of job make a gang and then gang should participate on processor at particular time slot.
¡In gang scheduling we maintain gang of similar type job & each gang is dispatched in the system at given time slot.

Dedicated processor assignment:

¡We dedicated the job on the basis of types of job.
¡For ex- in a system there are three processor P1,P2,P3 and there are three type of jobs-
Graphics type job
Sound type job
Compiler type job

     then we assign all graphics type job to processor P1 & all the sound type job to P2 & all COMPILER type job to Processor P3.

Dynamic scheduling:

¡In this type of algorithm we can assign the job at run time, when they are required.

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