Tuesday 8 May 2018

what do you mean by Computer Language? Machine Level, Assembly, Machine level

Computer Language:

   1-      Machine Language:      

   this language is written as string or binary 0 and 1.

   2-      Assembly Language:   it was introducing in 1952 instead of using numeric code it uses alphanumeric codes the programming may be easier and better to understand the code. The code may be represented by using letters and digits and carry some meaningful identifier.

What is Assembler: 

The assembly codes are easy to write but the processor still execute the machine code. Therefore a translator is required to translate the assembly language program into machine language which may be executed by the processor.

    3-      High Level Language: 

The high level language is considered to be third generation language these language are procedural language. It has become very easy to write the program in HLL programs are not machine depended and provides better user interface.

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