Thursday 3 October 2019

Explain some Tool and Technique in cyber security

Explain some Tool and Technique in cyber security

There are number of tools and technique are used in cyber security to implement security in the information system.

       1-    Authentication
       2-    Encryption
       3-    Digital Signature
       4-     Anti-virus
       5-     Firewall


All the user and resource are authenticated before accessing the information system

Encryption :

All the data should be transferred in encrypted form so no one can see e actual data

Digital signature:

It is a mechanism by which user can digitally sign the e- document
Digital signature is used in certificate form for signature .we have configure certificate on the browser.


Antivirus is a utility software air that are used to prevent the system from unwanted thread or program


it is a combination of Software and Hardware that are prevent the system unwanted packet which are  going to external environment to internal environment or internal environment to external environment it is used for  security of packet that in or out.


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