Thursday 3 October 2019

Operating System, Application and Software Attack in Cyber Security

What is Operating System, Application and Software Attack in Cyber Security?


A piece of code that reproduces itself but it required user authentication to propagate in system is called virus.
Target sector of virus are.
1    1-    exe file
2    2-   boot sector
3    3-   micros (documents)
4    4-  Script (website)


A piece of code that self executable itself over the network but it not require any authentication from user side is called worm.
Target area:
1-    email
2-     shared system
3-    network devices
4-     DNS table
5-     routing table

      ·        Buffer overflow
     ·        Configuration error
     ·        Network unreachable error


Backdoor is a program written by some back hot hacker to access the system without any permission that performs two main activities?
        1-    keyword sniffing:
keyword sniffing means record the all keyword activity of user what user type
 2-Displays Spying:
display spying means record the monitor or screen of user what user watch or do.

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