Saturday 12 October 2019

what is the Problem Related to Software Development?

Problem Related to Software Development:

Software development outsourcing is considered as a common outsourcing industry. Even if this is considered as a ‘common’ task, problem is still existent in software development outsourcing deals.

Software outsourcing India Blog identified these common problems. Here are some of the problems that are mentioned:
    1.  Users are not very clear in regards to their exact needs. Most of the specification given to software development outsourcing vendor are rough and very sketchy.
   2.    Due to some problematic ambiguities offshore, software outsourcing service provides are not in good position to understand the better scope of development work.

Software Quality Attributes:

The quality is defined as a characteristics or attributes of something. As an attribute of an item, quality refers to measurable characteristics things we are able to compare to know standards such as length color, electrical properties and malleability.
There is no single measure of software quality and no general agreement about how to any of the key quality concerns.
Following are the major software quality attributes.

      1.     Correctness   2.     Reliability   3.     Efficiency   4.     Integrity   5.     Usability   6.     Maintainability   7.     Flexibility   8.    Testability   9.    Portability  10.   Reusability  11.   Interoperability

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