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What is Software Process in Software Engineering?

What is Software Process?

The concept of process is at the heart of the software engineering approach.  According to Webster, the term process mean” a particular method of doing something, generally involving a number of steps or operations” .
In software engineering, the phrase software process refers to the method of developing software.

Software processes it a set of activities together with ordering constraints among them, such that if the activities are performed properly and in accordance with the ordering constraints, the desired result in produced.

The process that deals with the technical and management issues of software development is called a software process. Clearly, many different type of activities need to be performed to develop software. As we have seen earlier, software development project must have at least development activities and project management activities. All these activities together comprise the software process.

  •       Processes, Projects and Products:

    What is Process:

    A software process, as mentioned earlier, specifies a method of development software.

    What is projects?

     A software project is a development project in which a software process is used.

    What is products?

    Software products are the outcomes of a software project. Each software development project starts with some needs and end with some software that satisfies those needs.
  •       Component Software Processes:

    The three basic types of entities that software engineering deals with processes, project and product require different processes. The basic goal of process is to develop a product that will satisfy the customer. A software project is clearly a dynamic entity in which activity are performed.
     We can identify that there are two major component in a software process- a development process and a project management process.

    The development process specifics the development and quality assurance activities that needs to be performed, whereas the management process specifies how to plan and control these activities so that the project objectives are met.
    the development process and the project management process both aim at satisfying the cost and quality objectives of the project. However, as we have seen, change and rework in a project occur constantly. The objective of this component process is to deal with managing change.

A software process itself is a dynamic entity as  it must change to adopt to our increased understanding about software development and availability of newer technologies and tools. Due to this, a process to manage the software process is needed.
the relationship between these major component processes is shown in figure.

Software Engineering Paradigm:

software engineering is a set of steps that comprises of methods, tools and processes. These steps are referred to as software engineering paradigm.

These are varieties of software process model or process paradigms or software engineering paradigms and a few are waterfall models, prototype model, iterative enhancement model, spiral model, rapid application development model and incremental model.

·         The following points emerge with these paradigms:
1.       For a developer to be able to produce what is required by the client, proper communication is essential
2.       It is necessary to have some mechanism of systematically capturing the details of what is required
3.       A visual means of representing requirements is always more effective than a descriptive one.
4.       It is necessary to have properly documented requirements, especially during hands off
5.       It is important to have a review mechanism

Software Development Process:

views software development as a value added business activity and not merely as a technical activity.
Ensures that every product is checked to see if value adding has indeed taken place.
Safeguards against loss of value once the product is complete.
provides management information of in-site control  of the process.


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