Friday 11 October 2019

What is Software Engineering Explain Role and Importance?

What is Software Engineering?

A software is a collection of programs and Program is a collection of instructions.
“Software Engineering is the approach to develop a software for providing a good quality software and a trained user, this approach of SE in require.”

The SE has lots of definitions and each definition is stated by the experts
“SE is the systematic approach to the development, operation, maintenance and retirement  of the software”

Boehm Define SE as,
“ SE is the application of science and mathematics by which the capabilities of computer equipments are made useful to man via computer programs, procedures & associated documentation. ”

Software Engineering can also be defined as,
“ A Procedure whose aim is the production of quality software, software that is delivered on time within budget and that satisfies its requirements.”

Role of Engineering:

1- To identify steps to follow
2- For model the development task involve.
3- To use technique to carry out task.
4- For process & project management skills.
5- To verify and validate each task and results.

Importance of Software Engineering:

SE playing important role for software development.
Now days developers & managers are asking the following types of questions:
  1. Why , there is always a gap between what the software needs & what it actually does?
  2. Why doe it take so long to develop software?
  3. Why are software costs so high?
  4. Why software has a number of errors?
  5. Why it is so messy to maintain software?
  6. Why do we have difficulty in measuring progress as software is being developed?
  7. Why can not we find all errors?

SE able to provide the answer of the above question. To answer the above question SE provides methods tools avid procedures.
Method will tell you how to get about different tasks during software development.
 The procedure defines the sequence in which various tasks have to be performed during the process of Software Development & maintenance.

Software Characteristic:

  • Software is developed- not manufactured 
  • Most software is created & not assembled form existing components:
  • Software is highly modify:

Software Components:

Software is a system element offering a predefined service or event, and able to communicate with other components. A component is an object written to a specification.

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