Friday 11 October 2019

What is Waterfall Model in Software Engineering?

What is SDLC:

The system development life cycle also referred to as the application development life cycle is a term used in system engineering, information engineering and software engineering to describe a process for planning, creating, testing and deploying an information system.

Waterfall Approach/ Waterfall Model:

Water fall approach is a basic model of system development. This model follows a flow of step begging from feasibility check up to system maintenance in a sequence order.
This method is also called Linear Sequential method. The step in waterfall model show above in figure.

  1.  1.Feasibility Study:

this step used to check technical and financial feasibility check about system development.


Gathering knowledge about the required system developing the specification needed.


all the functionality converted into graphical form.


coding is a process of developing the program for the required system.

     5. Testing:

Insuring that system performance according to user requirement and also check error.
There are two approaches
  i.     Alpha Testing: it is perform at developer end to check the system functionality.
  ii.    Beta Testing: in beta testing, testing perform at end user side. 

     6. Maintenance:

this phase is used to corrects and upgrade system.

Disadvantage of waterfall model:

   1.       If any modification need in design phase they we can’t move back or can’t change in model (modification not allows).
  2.       Not support feasible system.

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