Tuesday 16 February 2021

Problem Solving Process in Python

 Problem Solving:

A general process of problem solving involves the following steps.

  1.      Understanding the problem
  2.       Describing the problem in a clear, complete and error free from
  3.      Designing a solution to the problem by algorithm
  4.       Developing a computer solution to the problem
  5.      Testing the solution

    problem solving process

1. Program Analysis:

Analyze the problem and what desire output you want.  Analysis and gathering knowledge about the requirement from problem. Try to identify what requirement you need as a solution.Clarify define what the program is to do. Clarify output and processing tasks. Define your program techniques and financial, legal feasible or not. And document the analysis.

2.Program Designing:

all the functionality converted into graphical form. Designing is a process of problem solving and planning for a solution developer will design to develop a plan for solution using diagrammatic representation using flowchart, data flow diagram, decision tree all these tools are used.

3. Coding:

After designing coding steps comes. The goal of coding is to translate the design of the system into code in a given programming language. It’s a process of developing the program well written code can reduce the testing and maintenance effort.

4. program debugging:

Bug means “Error” and debugging means correct the error.
In this step developer test the program and try to find out any error and if error occurs then fix it. After testing program to ensure that all modules working correctly or not.

5. Program documentation:

For programmer it is easy to understand program and code but general user cannot understand programming code and program working how to operate so it’s a responsibility of developer to create a program with user manual documents. It is a instruction manual book or guide help user to understand working or program start to end. This manual guide is called program documentation.

6. Maintenance:

Used to correct and upgrade program.

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