Saturday 13 February 2021

programming language explain types of language in python

What is Programming Language?

A method of communication with a computer system.It is a set of commands, instruction and other syntax use to create a software program.

Type of language:

programming Language

Low Level Language (Machine Level Language):

Computer easily understands low level language. It is written in binary format 0’s and 1’s system.Computer directs understand low level language without using translators.

It is very difficult to learn and use by the user or human.

Middle Level or Assembly Language:

Assembly language contains some human readable commands written in English words such as MOV , ADD, and SUB etc.

Assembly language use translator to convert middle level or assembly language into low level language which is known as Assembler.


High Level Language:

High Level Language is a programming language such as C, C++, FORTRAN , python that enables a programmer to write programs which is understandable to human and can perform any task.

High Level Language is much closer to human language use translator to convert human understandable code (High Level Language) into low level language or machine language which is computer readable code.

High Level Language are platform independent that means programs written in High Level Language can run on different machine/hardware with different configuration but operating system should be same in some case.

High Level Language is also easier to read write and learn.

Computer cannot understand High Level Language so need translator/compiler to convert High Level Language into low level language so computer can easily understand.

Advantage of High Level Language:

  1. Simple, easy to understand by human and user friendly
  2. Similar to English vocabulary and symbols
  3. It’s easy to learn.
  4. It requires less time to write.
  5. Easy to maintain
  6. Portable or machine independent


Disadvantage of High Level Language:

  1. Computer cannot understand High Level Language directly
  2. Need a special program called translator for converting High Level Language into computer understandable code
  3. Program execution very slow

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