Friday 12 February 2021

What is Basic Model of Computation in Python


 Introduction to Programming

What is Basic Model of Computation in Python


Computer an electronic device that accept data as input and processes the input data by performing Mathematical and Logical operation on it, and give desire output.

Computer system consists of Input, Output, CPU, Hardware, Software, Data and User.

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Computer diagram

i.   In this model using Input device (keyboard, mouse) we give data into CPU.

ii.  Using Control Unit CPU transfer input data into main memory for temporary storage.

iii. After that CPU transfer a copy of input data to the control unit.

iv.  Now Control unit send data to ALU for arithmetic and logical computation.

v. And finally Input data becomes output after processing.

“The process of input raw data and finding a desire output is known as processing.”

The computational model consists of Computation, Calculation, Presentation, Sorting, Printing, and Activity which is known as Data Processing.

Data Processing Model
Data Processing Model


storing instruction inside computer memory using keyboard.


after recording arrange all recorded data in a desired order which is known as classification of data.


 after classification sorting process arranging data into some meaningful order to make it easier to understand, analyze or visualize. The order of arranging the data may be ascending or descending and sort data based on field values.


it is a arithmetic and logical process performed on classified and sorted data using computer program for processing purpose.

Summerising : 

during the processing of data there may be a change to generate some extra and intermediate result which is useless. And using summerising process step we handle the extra result and only focused on final desired result.


 reporting is a document that presents information in an organized format for a specific purpose. It is used to analyze the data presented in specific manners. Formatting reporting using table, chart, bold heading, total and grand sum values.

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