Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Cyber Security Model Question Paper


Model Question Paper - Cyber Security

First Semester


(Regular – 2021 Admissions)

Time : Three Hours                                                                    Maximum : 100 marks


Answer all questions.


  1. a) Explain Computer Security mandates and legislation.                                           

b) Write note on international security activity                                                          



  1. a)  What are the needs for Cyber Security? Explain threats to security.                    

b)  Give a note on Information Protection and Access Controls.                               


  1. a) Explain assurance and documentation requirements.                                             

b) Write note on Government network evaluations policies.                                      


  1. a) Discuss the requirement of security policies                                                           

b) Briefly explain the following trusted computer system evaluation criteria

            a. Orange book                                                                                                

            b. Red book                                                                                                    


5.  a)  Describe the Corporate policies in detail                                                               

      b) Write note on process management                                                                        



6.   Describe the following
                  a. Asset classification policy                                                                           
                  b. Planning and preparation policies                                                               


7.   a) Explain Organizational and Human Security.                                                        
      b) Discuss the Role of information security professionals.                                         



8.   a)  Write note on employee responsibilities.                                                               
      b)  Explain the different tools for information security.                                             


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