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System Analysis And Design sample question paper

 System Analysis And Design sample question paper

Attempt all question of the following: —                                                            

Q.1 … the last phase before the final software is delivered:

(a) Analysis        (b) Testing         (c) Design        (d) both a and c

Q.2 Software testing is performed for:

(a) Verification only                                                       (b) Validation only

(c) verification and validation both                      (d) System designing only


Q.3 The RAD Model Stands for:

(A) Rapid Action Development (B) Rapid Application Development

(C) Reuse Action Direct (D)Remote Access Development


Q.4 coding and testing are done in a

(A) Top-down manner. (B) Bottom-up manner

(C) Ad-hoc manner (D) cross sectional manner


Q.5 Software package that can be used by many different types of organization is called a

 (A) standard application  (B) VAR application.

(C) Horizontal application (D) Vertical application


Q.6 which of the following is the least expensive installation method?

(A) Direct cutover (B) parallel operation

(C) Pilot operation (D)phased operation


Q.7 Spiral model consists of ……………phase

A) 1         B) 2      C) 3      D) 6


Q.8 Which of the model is used for system components?

a) PERT chart      (b) Gantt chart   (c) DFD    (d) Organizational hierarchy chart


Q.9 System testing does not include.

a) Recovering testing     (b) alpha testing      (c) Stress testing   (d)   Security testing


Q.10   The structure chart consists of…….elements?

     (a) Two                                                      (b) three

     (c) four                                                     (d) five





Section B



Attempt any five question of the following: —                                                                   

Q.1 Explain the elements of a System.

Q.2 what are the qualities of a systems analyst.

Q.3 Explain the term data dictionary and Decision tree.

Q.4 what is system development lifecycle? Discuss its different phases in detail.

 Q.5 compare between a Dataflow diagram and a Decision tree.

Q.6  what is meant by a structured decision.

Q.7 what do you mean by Testing in software analysis and designing.




Section C


Attempt any three question of the following: —                                                                   

Q.1 what do you understand by feasibility analysis? Discuss various type of feasibility.

Q.2 Explain different features of forms and discuss various types of form design in detail.

Q.3 Define

(i) System

(ii) black box testing.


Q.4 Give a brief explanation of the sequence diagrams and define the role play in systems modeling.

Q.5 Define the concept of project management.

Q.6 explains the waterfall model in details.




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