Wednesday 3 March 2021

Internet Application & JAVA sample question paper

 Internet Application & JAVA sample question paper

Attempt all question of the following: —                                                            

Q.1 what is the range of short data type in java?

(a)  -123 to 127       (b) -32768 to 32767       (c) -2147483648 to 2147483647      (d) None

Q.2  Which  data type value is returned by all transcendental math function?

(a) int              (b) float.

(c) double                     (d) long


Q.3 which is a reserved word in the java programming language?

(A)  method                                      (B) native

(C) subclasses                                (D)  reference


Q.4 which is a valid keyword in java?

(A) interface.                    (B) string

(C) float                                (D) unsigned


Q.5  which one of the following will declare an array and initialize it with five numbers?

(A)  Array a=new Array(5);       (B)  int [] a={23,22,21,20,19};

(C)  int a[]=new int[5];                 (D)  int[5] array;


Q.6 which is the valid declarations within an interface definition?

(A) public double method();     (B) public final double method();

(C) static void method(double d1);       (D) protected void method (double d1);


Q.7 which of these is necessary to specify at time of array initialization?

A) Row         B) column     C) both row and column      D) none of the mentioned


Q.8 what is the return type of a method that does not returns any value?

a) int    (b) float   (c)void    (d) double


Q.9  which of the following is a method having same name as that of it’s class?

a) finalize    (b) delete      (c) class   (d)   constructor


Q.10   which method can be defined only once in a program?

     (a) static method                        (b) private method

     (c) private method     (d) main method





Section B



Attempt any five question of the following: —                                                                   

Q.1 what is internet? Discuss the various internet services in brief.

Q.2 what is TCP/IP model?

Q.3 what is  the difference between  JDK,JRE and JVM?

Q.4 what is an applet? How do applets differ from application programs.

 Q.5 what is java programming?

Q.6 what is OOP  and also write advantage & disadvantage?

Q.7 what is data type define with example.




Section C


Attempt any three question of the following: —                                                                   

Q.1 difference between java and C++ ?

Q.2 What is control structure difference between IF-THEN- ELSE and CASE structure?

Q.3  explain method overriding with an example

Q.4 WAP to find the sum and average of three numbers.

Q.5 what do you mean by polymorphism.


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