Thursday 22 June 2017

Type of Operating System

Type of Operating System:

  1. Command Line
  2. GUI
  3. Multi-User
  4. Multi Programming
  5. Multi Tasking
  6. Multi Threading

1. Command Line:

These OS is operated by pre defined command is known as Command Line OS.

Example: Windows 4.0

2. GUI:

 It stands for Graphical User Interface.These type of OS which have graphics, icons and navigated by mouse known as GUI based OS.

Example: Linux based and windows base OS

3. Multi User:

     An Operating System that allows several users or multiple user to use the computer system at the same time or different time called Multi user OS.

Example: Linux based OS

4. Multi Programming/Processing:

   Those OS which support and utilize multiple processor (more than one processor) on a single computer system.

Example: windows and Unix.

5. Multi Tasking:

     Those Operating System which enable to run multiple software application on computer at the same time known as Multi tasking OS.

6. Multi Threading:

 An OS which execute multiple part of software congruently called Multi threading OS.

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